For well over one hundred years, chocolate lovers have been using molds to make their chocolate candies to eat, give away and sell. While the earliest molds were made from metal materials, almost all chocolate and candy molds today are made from either plastic or rubber. If you are interested in making your own chocolate candy with molds, it will help to have some information on their various types available.

Flat Molds in Themed Shapes
The most common molds to use for making chocolate candies are flat molds that create two-dimensional chocolates. These come in a range of sizes from tiny chocolates to use as decoration for desserts right on up to giant chocolates the size of a dinner plate. These molds are also themed, and they can come in animal shapes, letters or holiday decorations.

3D-chocolate-molds3-D Chocolate Molds
These molds are slightly harder to fill, which is why they are more often used by advanced chocolate makers than amateurs. However, a few practice sessions is all it will take to learn how to create these creative and attractive 3-D chocolates at home.

Lollipop Molds
In many ways, a lollipop mold for chocolate is like a flat mold, but it typically includes a small indentation where a lollipop stick should go. These are also quite easy to make at home.

Filled Chocolate Molds
While most chocolate molds are designed simply to create hollow or flat chocolates, filled molds allow you to fill round chocolates or novelty shapes with layers of creamy chocolate or even fudge in the interior. These are the most challenging of all chocolate molds to use, but they create beautiful works of art that are as tasty as they are attractive.

By knowing more about the types of chocolate molds available, you can determine which will be best for your own chocolate making at home.


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